Asymmetric VR Party Game

Fruit Golf

© Fruit Golf, 2022


Fruit Golf offers a unique and innovative experience for players of all ages, that is accessible on multiple devices and only requires one headset for the whole party. Where else can you golf a screaming watermelon down a pirate ship while avoiding sharks and the Kraken placed by your friends? Instead of replicating golf – we create fun around the concept of golf.

The award-winning asymmetric multiplayer virtual reality (VR) game Fruit Golf provides a quirky spin on golfing that allows players to be engaged with the game even as spectators. Players take turns putting on the VR headset and playing a round of golf. The players who are not immersed in the headset are still engaged with the game by being able to deploy obstacles to aid or sabotage other players with their connected mobile devices through a companion app used on a smartphone or tablet.

The companion app can be downloaded for free from iOS or Google Play Stores and will allow everyone in the room to immerse themselves into the game, not only the player wearing a headset. This interactive play will be an entry point into VR for people that have been previously considering but have not yet made the jump because our audience will observe how much fun their family members and friends are having.

Other golfing games exist in VR and have proved that it is a successful genre of games. Much in the same way Mario Kart has a broader appeal than a racing simulation such as Forza or Gran Turismo, Fruit Golf takes established rules of a familiar sport and simplifies them while maintaining a fun atmosphere.




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